Entrepreneur discovers population growth pattern with duckweed experiment

A few weeks ago, a mid-twenties entrepreneur conducted an experiment with duckweed. His results showed a clear pattern dealing with the population growth and carrying capacity of the area. Chase Hill, now the current Chief Marketing Officer at the Utah Carpet Cleaners, wrote up the report and is as follows:

Question: How does the level of salinity affect the growth of duckweed?

Hypothesis: The lower the salinity, the better the duckweed will grow.

Materials: Petri dish, 4 pipettes, spatula, 9 labeled test tubes, test tube rack, graduated cylinder, spring water, lemna minor fronds

1) Label the 9 test tubes: 3 of “low” salinity, 3 of “medium” salinity, 3 of “high” salinity.
2) Fill each of the tubes with 50 mL of spring water.
3) For the “low” salinity tubes, place 3 drops of salinity solution in each tube. For the “medium” place    6 drops, and for the “high” place 9 drops of the solution in the correct labeled test tubes.
4) Place three lemna minor fronds in each of the 9 test tubes.
5) Observe the test tubes 7 times over the course of a few weeks. Record the data in data sheets.

Control: Test tube with spring water and 3 fronds, no saline solution added

Independent Variable: Level of salinity in each of the test tubes

Results: Over the course of a few weeks, all of the tubes containing fronds, regardless of the salinity, generally grew at the same rate. All of the tubes showed signs of growth. We determined that in these particular circumstances, the carrying capacity was 5 or 6 fronds. Below, are graphs illustrating the data we collected.

Analysis: Our results did not fully support our hypothesis. We thought that the fronds would have a higher growth rate with a lower salinity level. But, as we found out, the duckweed grew at the same rate throughout all the test ranging from “low” levels of salinity, to “high”.

Our results weren’t too far off from our hypothesis because we knew that as duckweed is a freshwater plant, it would struggle to survive in salty water. Our results were very similar to what we anticipated, as we observed very little growth from the medium and high saline tests. What we found out that differed from our hypothesis, was that even the “low” saline tests showed a low growth rate as well.

One uncertainty we had when observing each day, was that we weren’t always able to tell if the fronds had actually germinated new growth.

If we were to do this lab again with changes to further our findings, we would start with a lower saline level for our “low” labeled tests. Since the carrying capacity was the same for the “low” saline tests as the “high”, we would want to lower the “low” saline levels to see if we could increase the growth rate and carrying capacity.

This would help improve our data and better answer our experiment question. Overall, we conducted our experiment the way we designed it to be, and although our results differed from our hypothesis, they answered our question.

Overall, the experiment made it clear that populations and carrying capacities can be affected by so many external variables.

Natural Alternatives To Clean Your Body And Brain

parasite-cleanseAlthough there is little research into natural remedies for parasites, there are natural supplements and herbs that effectively clear intestines and allow for a healthy internal environment. This article will focus on natural remedies for parasites as a dietary treatment plan.


The wormwood herb is culturally used as a remedy for centuries. It has components that are aggressive to Plasmodium or Schistosoma mansoni, which can be some of the strongest parasites. Research shows wormwood weakens parasites due to sesquiterpene lactome as one of its components. Patient’s safety is important due to research not fully verified.

Diatomaceous Earth

You may have never heard of diatomaceous earth, one of the most potent supplements to cleanse the system. The food grade Diatomaceous earth version is made out of the remaining of fossil shells from diatoms.

Because of it physical structure, diatomaceous earth can be highly effective to flush and cleanse the system from viruses, internal bacteria parasites, and other heavy metals that can he harmful.

Pumpkin Seeds

Parasites such as tapeworms and roundworms have traditionally been treated with mixed juice and mushed pumpkin seeds. They are clinically safe and easy to prepare. A laxative to cleanse the intestine afterwards has proven quite effective.

Garlic Cloves

A natural remedy for parasites is found in garlic. Garlic has a deadly effect on parasites such as Leishmania and Giardia lambia. Garlic is in most places available and is essentially part of the diet. Although it has a burning sensation it is effective against parasites.

Black Walnut

It is a herbal remedy for ringworm historically used among diverse cultures. Unripe hulls are quizzed and applied on a fungal infection. Athlete’s foot is commonly treated with the walnut juice and is widely used in various regions.

Grapefruit seeds

The extract from grapefruit seeds has antimicrobial properties. It has anti-yeast properties that are important during preservation of food.

Intestinal cleansing

Use of natural remedies requires supplements to help counter the parasites. During the process, it is recommended to avoid refined and coffee. It is important to use an anti-parasitic diet. Pineapple rich diet has the effect of clearing parasites. Enzyme papain contained in Papaya is chewed to initiate protein digestion. Carotene contained in carrots is a precursor for resistance to larvae.

Pure Natural Forskolin

Another emerging product that people are starting to love is coleus forskohlii supplements. Made from the root, the exotic extracted ingredient is known as pure forskolin and has been shown to help in many different ways being a versatile component for positive effects like burning fat, building muscle, and boosting your emotional brain.


The goldenseal is a herb used for centuries to treat respiratory infections. Mucous membranes in our tracks are infected with parasites and can be treated with constituents found in goldenseals. Studies suggest the component berberine is effectively active against Plasmodium and Entamoeba.

There are natural brain boosting pills like Brainstorm Elite that help induce positive mental shifts for energy and clarity.

Having a proper diagnosis done to establish the type of parasite in the body is part of correct treatment if you want to achieve life long health and wellness. Taking care of your brain and body will be vital to how well you age into your golden years.

A healthcare facility should offer the right direction when it comes to use of natural remedies for parasites. Symptoms in most cases include diarrhea, weight loss, fatigue and nausea. These may symbolize a variety or single parasite in the body. Home remedies are effective, safe and healthy but only with proper direction from healthcare providers.

World Ventures Review: Research & Warnings

world-venturesWorld Ventures has been going strong for awhile now. “You should be here” signs all over the world subliminally telling people to quit their 9 to 5’s.

I dig it, actually.

The MLM travel membership company seems to be carrying some momentum into 2015, and with good reason. The travel deals actually don’t suck.

How about that?

Based in Plano, Texas, World Ventures makes planning vacations at a discount easier for its members. They sell their travel related products through representatives that are located in all 50 states of the United States as well as internationally.

Customers can become members of World Ventures’ Dreamtrips program and are able to purchase discounted travel packages. The company is able to do this through purchasing travel packages in bulk and sharing them with their members.

The company was founded in 2005 and is currently privately owned and debt free according to the company. Their goal was to create an opportunity for people who were looking for ‘fun, freedom and fulfillment’. This was completed when they merged four simple items of everyday life; ‘great life experiences, financial opportunity, personal development and contribution’.

World Venture is now the leading expert on the direct sell of group travel and has over 120,000 representatives in over 24 countries. They continue to grow as they expand the company through their independent representatives and beyond.

World Ventures was founded by Wayne Nugent and Mike Axcue. The management team is currently made up of eight other individuals who have joined the team throughout the years and operate various portions of the country.

This fantastic team of individuals has developed a membership system that is comprised of three various levels; Dream Trips, Dream Trips Life and Luxury Dream Trips. Yeah, similar to WUN or Dubli Network, but more travel-centric.

Dream Trips was designed for customers how are looking for a fantastic trip, but have somewhat of a limited budget from which to spend. This level offers hundreds of vacations that have been arranged at a discount and includes many extras that you would not be able to book on your own. This helps save travelers time and money when they are booking their vacation.

With a Dream Trips membership, you can enjoy the following benefits:


  • Access to Dream Trip Vacation
  • Hosted Dream Trips
  • Dream Trips Vacation Assistance

Dream Trips Life membership adds a little extra to the experience. With this membership, you will experience exclusive experiences along with fantastic opportunities to be entertained. There are more vacation options with this membership and you will be able to visit a wider range of locations as well.

When you choose a Dream Trips Life membership, you will receive all the same benefits of the Dream Trips plus a few extras:

  • Concierge Service
  • Dream Trips Life Web Portal
  • Global Hideaway Access
  • Lifestyle Savings
  • Customized Itineraries

The final membership plan that you can choose from is Luxury Dream Trips. With this membership plan you will be sitting in the lap of luxury and have all of the benefits that you can expect from a luxury vacation. Here you will be able to be pampered as you visit some of the best hotels, restaurants and vacation locations in the world.

Along with the benefits of the Dream Trips Life membership, you will also have access to:

  • Luxury Dream Trip Vacations
  • Personal Travel Professional
  • Priority Pass Access
  • Elite Concierge Service
  • Luxury Partner Services
    • Private Jet Service
    • Limo
    • Upscale Restaurants
    • Theater Tickets
    • Much More!

Along with great vacations, Home Ventures is also committed to being a leading, trustworthy member of the direct selling vacation network. In order to develop as a household name, the company has partnered with independent representatives all across the world in order to help sell their vacation memberships.

This is a great opportunity for those who love to travel and are looking for ways to earn extra income for themselves. As an independent representative, you will receive multiple tools that will help get you started the right way in the industry. You will learn everything that you need to know about the market through the direct selling model that is provided by World Ventures.

After you have discovered everything that you need to know about being an independent representative, you will be able to sell everything from vacations to memberships as well as all the products and services that are offered through the company. Plus, you will be able to set your own schedule; working part-time or full-time anywhere that you choose to be.

World Ventures operates on the simple premise of creating a fun lifestyle that is filled with freedom and fulfillment; both for members and its representatives. The company is dedicated to continue to grow and challenges itself on a daily basis to offer the best vacation packages that are available. Whether you become a member or a representative, you should prepare yourself for an exciting adventure.

Hope you enjoyed our review. Please share it out if you’ve found it to be useful. – Acquired Life

Tattoo Ideas That Make Life Stay Permanent

Acquired Life wants to keep you healthy, period. We are all about sharing ideas that help you live a permanent and fulfilling lifestyle. But in a world such as ours, that sometimes can be very difficult. Especially when the market for tattoos seems to be booming and the popularity of tattoos keeps skyrocketing. We bring this up because of all of the factors that could affect your health when you get a tattoo.

Let’s take a look at some of these tattoos ideas you should keep in mind.

tattoo aftercare tips1. Never get a tattoo at a shop if you don’t feel comfortable. If the atmosphere feels strange, or there are weird smells, then get out and get out fast! Always make sure that the tattoo parlor is a recognized institution and practices the necessary safety precautions. Remember, a place that reuses needles is always a health hazard.

2. Don’t get inked up at a shop that has a history of clients with tattoo infections. Tattoo infections are usually a sign of poor sterilization methods. If someone else has gotten infected from a shop, that means you are likely to get infected as well.

3. Don’t get ripped off. Getting ripped off can lead to anger or financial problems. Anger and financial problems can lead to stress. Stress leads to unhealthy living. Acquired Life wants to include the importance of getting the right tattoo with the right price tag. If you are unsure of the cost of a tattoo you click to find out how much does a tattoo cost.

4. Make sure you take proper care of your new ink once you have gotten it on your body. It is important to know about proper tattoo aftercare. This way you can try to avoid tattoo infections and make sure your tattoo will look like it should.

5. Be careful when selecting your tattoo. Not many things in this life are permanent, but a tattoo is. Make sure that you are absolutely certain about your tattoo design. If you are not, it can cause a great deal of emotional and mental pain in the future.

We hope we have helped you in your quest for living a healthy life and getting a tattoo. Best of luck to you and whatever you decide, stay healthy and happy.

Getting Healthy Creates Internal Peace

We are always talking about the various aspects of how to create peace in your lifestyle and it goes without saying or mentioning, but being healthy is a integral element to creating happiness in your life.

In today’s piece of advice, we want to focus on all of those who are interested in losing weight to feel better and look great. There is a lot of information on the internet about raw food, green juices and the like.

healthy eating juicingWe want to discuss how weight loss through vegetable juicing can become a healthy and vital aspect of your every day life. For all of our Spanish and es español readers we will include how to find more information below.

Most people notice a lack of energy in the mid-afternoon, usually after lunch. This tiredness occurs because of a poor diet, consisting largely of carbohydrates and fatty foods. Likewise, people may wake up very tired. Even after several hours of sound sleep, they can be fatigued and lazy when the morning alarm sounds.

Nutritional guides suggest a diet of fruits and vegetables. The recommendation is to have at least 3-5 servings per day. Fresh vegetables juice in the form of jugo verde is the best way to absorb nutrients and minerals. Not only will the intake of fresh fruits and vegetables make a person healthier, it enhances weight loss.

Experts recommend a breakfast of pureed or juiced’ vegetable blends. This is an easy way to get the recommended serving of vegetables in one meal.

Another benefit is that a tasty shake will provide sufficient energy to make it through the day. Having another delicious juice blend at lunch will also prevent the mid-afternoon sluggish feeling. Plus, weight loss will start immediately, since the body is taking in usable calories.

Healthy Green Juice (Jugo Verde) Sample Recipe:

2 Celery Stocks
2 Cucumbers
2 to 3 Lemons
1 Bunch fresh Spinach
4 Red Apples

*Season to taste, including a touch of ginger

This is just one sample, but any combination of fruits and vegetables can be used. Dieters should sample their favorite fruits and vegetables to find the best combination based on personal preference.

How About Taste?

In reality, no one wants to eat or drink something that tastes bad, no matter how dedicated they are to weight loss. Well, the Jugo Verde is that the unique mixture of fresh leafy greens and naturally sweet fruits combine to make a delicious and healthy meal! Modern juicers and blenders have multiple options that will blend, puree, mix, and even whip ingredients together. Thinner shakes make one vegetable or fruit obvious. Thicker shakes feel like a full meal and allow individual ingredients to linger.

Benefits of Green Juices

1. Chlorophyll – this chemical provides the rich green coloring in leaves and plants. Compare this process with the hemoglobin that carries oxygen to the human blood cells. Chlorophyll helps eliminate toxins in the body, which helps rejuvenate the body. Additionally, chlorophyll carries helpful enzymes throughout the body to add in PH balance and digestion activities.

2. Antioxidants – are the delicious little morsels that keep humans looking young and feeling healthy. They are found in all fruits and vegetables, especially dark berries and green vegetables. Green juices help the skin stay firm and clear. Antioxidants also combat free radicals, which are formed during the body’s oxidation processes.

3. Alkalization – is the process whereby vital nutrients and minerals are used by the body. Green juices are loaded with enzymes and minerals that help restore a health level of alkalinity within the tissues and cells. As a result, the immune system is more resistant to diseases, infections and toxins in general.

4. Fiber – aids in the digestion process. Most fruits and vegetables, especially leafy vegetables and skinned fruits are high in fiber content. This helps the body eliminate toxins and keeps the colon in great shape.

This is for our Spanish/Latino following:

Para concluir un jugo verde natural no solo contiene un sin numero de vitaminas y minerales que le pueden ayudar a mejorar el estado de su salud, si no que también tomando esta bebida nutricional usted vera resultados naturales sin necesidad de hacer dietas para bajar de peso.

Si usted se dedica a hacer el habito de tomar jugos de vegetales y de frutas diariamente se dará cuenta que como efecto secundario positivo usted llegara a tener la figura que tanto ha deseado, y también un estado físico y mental optimo. Para obtener los resultado que usted desea solo necesita hacer un compromiso consigo mismo de tomar jugos naturales y agregar alimentos naturales a su dieta diaria.

Mucho Gracious!

Also a way to really create internal peace is to get involved with a workout routine! Look at an insanity workout review video for example.

Remember to be Creative with Jugos verde and other great tasting fruit mixes!

Choose some favorite fruits and vegetables and get mixing! Try a blend of ripe red tomatoes and sweet succulent grapes or blueberries. Add some nuts for a tasty treat!

Mommy Blogging: Blog Critiquing

Look, I don’t claim to be a blogging expert, but I do think its fun to peep other mommy blogs – or just other blogs in general – and give them constructive criticism and analysis.

As someone who is starting to take blogging clients, I needed the practice…so I reviewed a few blogs out there for you to see.



Mission Statement: The statement demonstrates their desire is to prove not only the power behind a photograph, but to show the need for acknowledging photojournalists in the industry.

Title: (1,000 Words). Possibly going off the old adage, a picture is worth a thousand words.  And in the very first post, they clearly demonstrate this.

Photos, Tags, Podcasts: The one article presentation is the first for this group, and the photo of the children pressing onward after the destruction in the Philippines is heart-wrenching and inspiring at the same time. The photo itself causes the reader to ask questions like: what now, where will they go, what will happen to them? Powerful!

Article: The article written by April Purnell is very well done. She immediately brings the facts forward. Her descriptive word use is crisp, drawing the reader in. The article is not too long, and she presents some very thought provoking questions in it. This is a very good job.

Layout: The platform used appears to be Disqus on Tumblr. The overall theme is professional, simple, eye-catching and very easy to maneuver. I appreciate the dated tag on the edge of the article as it tells me just when this was posted.   This blog appears more like one that was done by one person and not a group effort. The presentation is strong enough, that I hope they continue with this media effort. I would enjoy very much following them to see the work they would bring forth.


Mission Statement: Here we see the effort of a group wanting to provide 3D printing and additive manufacturing resource information.

Title: (AdditFacturing). This title is catchy. It quickly informs the reader what the blog service is there to provide.

Photos, Tags, Podcasts: The photographs provided are well placed in the article. Giving the reader a better understanding of the information presented.  Date tags are presented next to each addition giving the article a definite professional appearance.

Article: Four additions have been noted for placement on the blog. Some of them are a simple picture with notation; others are a photograph with definite descriptions of the topic at hand. The author puts forward information that could easily be both technical and difficult to follow, but not so in this media presentation. This is a job well done.

Layout: The reader has the ability with this blog to view its format in several different styles. I really liked the (magazine) style. In this view the reader is able to see all 4 presentations together.  I wasn’t aware of additive manufacturing before now. But as a former architecture student, I can attest that this industry is vital to many other industries around the world. I hope the group goes forward with this effort.


Mission Statement:  I couldn’t find a mission statement on the blog.

Title: (Elevation). I like the title, but was unable to connect it to anything directly related to the blog.

Photos, Tags, Podcasts: This blog has a great deal of activity going on. Numerous photos, numerous picture inserts, and multiple tags. I was unable to identify an actual theme. Too many tags, photos and inserts for one blog effort without clearer direction.

Articles: The contributors have strong articles to post, but the combination of all themes on the page seemed to be too much. At least to this reviewer, it appears confusing.

Layout: At least on my laptop, the page appears to be way too crowded. There are the articles on the health of the coaches occupying the main center and then the numerous tags in the right side bar. There is more writing than there is screen space, and with the excess of picture inserts, it appears cluttered.  The group has some good points that they want to present, it just didn’t appear as organized or well done, cooperatively, as their individual work. I think the coming together on one particular theme could have made for a stronger effort in their group media attempt.


Mission Statement: Our group had the desire of helping emerging journalists of today see what has transpired in the transformation of the industry as well as what the new age media is now requiring.

Title: (Grouparocks). The title is catchy, but again has no relation to the blog effort, nor does it draw the reader to the media piece.

Photos, Tags, Podcasts: The group has presented some statistical information in the form of charts, and a few photos in the form of pictures. As moderator of this group, I would like to have accomplished more defined research with better visuals. Time and lack of personnel and experience all attributed to this. Though the photos and charts provided give a good idea, in the future I would look to give it a more professional appearance.

Articles: Again, going back to the research. On the backend of this project, I see now that this topic is a very complex one with a great deal of information, and continual updating of new information all the time.

Layout: The layout is a simple one, and has a nice aesthetic appearance. Again from hindsight, moderating, in the future I would have our group meet together and work on placement of articles, tags, photographs etc. Working cooperatively in the virtual realm was more difficult than I thought it would be.

Jessica Amville is a blogging expert and brand ambassador for BoiseLimo.net. She lives outside Meridian, ID with her husband and 3 amayyy-zing kiddos.